Ideal General Venture Corp

Ideal General Venture Corp. (IGVC) is a duly incorporated company holding one hundred percent shares of its subsidiaries Ideal General Trading Inc. (IGTI) and Ideal Herbaceuticals Inc. (IHI). The first two companies, i.e. IGVC and IGTI have been incorporated in compliance with the respective laws of Ontario, and IHI is a federally incorporated company in Canada.

IGTI is an incorporation rendering sales services to manufacturers and wholesale businesses that are planning to expand their presence mainly in countries such as the Middle East and the Central Asian Countries (CIS). We cordially invite manufacturers and business owners, particularly from Canada and the US to contact us. Excellent target markets are awaiting your products, and we are here to make it happen for you. IGTI, through its partnerships with Iran Majin Co Inc. and its subsidiaries, has agency and distributorship agreements from the following prominent manufacturers and industries:

  •        Motorola GmbH (Germany)
  •        Harris Corporation (USA)
  •        Ulrich Alber GmbH (Germany)
  •        Medi Bayreuth (Germany)
  •        Touch EMAS Ltd. (Touch Bionics) (UK)

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IHI is a newly established, federally incorporated company in Canada which produces and distributes herbal and mineral pharmaceutical and sanitary products in Canada through a non-equity joint venture with AVA Phytoceuticals Inc.

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Ideal General Venture Corp.


Ideal General Trading Inc. 


Ideal Herbaceuticals Inc. 

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